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Wishlist loja Chicgostyle

Olá Delíricos

Acho que essa é a ultima Wishlist que tenho para publicar hehehe, já estou ficando saturada. Mas vamos lá ao que interessa, não é mesmo? Espero que vocês gostem ♥ Aah, essa aqui vai ser em inglês, não se assustem hihihi
I've been researching a lot lately behind online stores, and one of my trips on the internet I ran into this store called Chicgostyle and I loved everything I found in it. So I decided to show it to you today.

About the store:

Chicgostyle offers fast fashion at designer boutique quality. Our team of professional buyers identify all the latest fashion trends, at the same time examine every detail of product quality. They work with emerging designers and brands worldwide, and together present collections of creative, trendy, high craftsmanship fashion on Chicgostyle.

Ok, now let's go to the little things that I've selected for this Wishlist. There will be, in all, eight items. Being them four of two categories that I chose: Women's Bottoms and Fashion Hoodies.

By clicking the link above you will go directly to this section. From there I chose the four that most enchanted me. It was difficult because all the pieces were very beautiful and fashion.
Sexy Fashion Hollow Out Sleeveless JumpsuitFlounce Ruffle Trim Single Breasted Bust Darts Plain Jumpsuits
Of those four that I chose, with all certainty that my favorites were this second and the third. I loved the trim of the pieces.

Now I'll show you the four pieces I chose from the Fashion Hoodies category. And once again clicking on the link you can see the other beautiful pieces that can be found in the store.
I loved that kind of fabric. Anyone who knows me knows that if I could just fill my wardrobe with pieces like that.
And, even in the Halloween mood, I chose these two sweatshirts with these very striking prints.

In the end, that's all. Did you like my choices? Did you already know the store? Tell me everything here in the comments ♥

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